About Us

Vacform Industrial (China) Company Ltd. (“VF”) is a Hong Kong based enterprise engaging in the manufacturing of Plastic Packaging, Food Packaging, Tube Packaging, Folding Boxes, Hang Tabs, Strips, Plastic Sheet Products, Festival Decorations, etc. We are equipped with large funds to facilitate sophisticated management and technology; with excellent clients, we have shown good cooperation with multinational enterprises.   The Company has been in operation for more than Twenty years since 1989. Throughout time with continuous self-evaluation and targets to maintain our high efficiency, as well as strict control in its productions and a low pricing policy have won the support of our customers from China and abroad. We will maintain our managerial belief in providing the best possible service to all our customers.   VF is constantly developing and pioneering new technologies in our plastic toys, production lines and especially in vacuum forming techniques, where we are the foremost of our competitors. With a determined mind in the adoption for innovative technologies, we have shown multifaceted technological fields; our products are looked upon as the lifeblood of the enterprise. Thus, we use fine techniques, craftsmanship and carefully selected raw materials. We have adopted advanced results of scientific research to uphold environmentally friendly, zero pollution principals.   Our team is equipped with top of the line technology and refined craftsmanship, coupled with their ingenuity in design to enable overall production quantity. For the necessity of meeting with different demands, we also produce auxiliary items such as die-cutters, copper moulds and heat-sealing moulds etc. The Company has, since 1999, shown a system of quantity and quality assurance; we have adopted and passed the international managerial standard WCA, ISO 9001-2008, and ISO 22000-2005, and have put in use the most advanced computerized management system so that we are able to soar up high above all of our competitors in the Pearl River Delta region. At the same time, we have absorbed a vast number of fine professionals and technicians to coordinate with production and marketing, thus increasing the competitiveness of the Company in the hope of holding hands with our worldwide clientele to build up a more successful future.  
益豐盛實業(中國)有限公司(簡稱“益豐盛”)是一家主營真空成型的港資企業,主要産品有吸塑包裝、食品包裝、折盒、筒形包裝、掛勾、掛條、膠片片材、節日産品等幾大類。本公司擁有先進的管理經驗和良好的顧客關係,並與衆多跨國公司結成良好的合作關係。   益豐盛自成立以來以專業的服務團隊不斷地總結經驗,並以高質量、高效率、嚴格要求及價格優惠的原則開拓市場,從而贏得國內外廣大客戶的支援及信賴。本公司將一如繼往,爲廣大顧客提供更優質服務。   益豐盛不斷致力於新産品的開發和新技術的應用,在吸塑技術等多方面獲得長足進展,已走在了同行業的前列。本公司堅持以科技創新爲先導,建立多元化技術開發領域,視産品爲企業生命,嚴格控制技術、工藝、材料各方面,實現科技成果轉化應用,倡導綠色環保無污染。   益豐盛配備了完整的技術開發,産品及工藝設計、生産質量控制和全過程檢驗的技術隊伍。爲了配合各方面的需要並自行製造銅模、刀模、電壓模等輔助産品。本公司已建立了完備的質量保證體系,引入並通過了先進的國際質量管理體系,如:WCA、ISO 9001-2008和ISO 22000-2005,並加進電腦化管理系統,使本公司成爲珠江三角洲地區同行業中最具實力企業之一。與此同時,本公司吸納了大批專業技術人才配合生産、開拓市場,使本公司更具競爭力。希望能與廣大顧客攜手合作、共創美好未來!    



Plastic Packaging Section:

VF possess high speed full automation vacuum forming machines, The maximum production sizes are: 32” x 55” x 12” (H), automatic J-Hook and box folding machines; to meet with the demands of various sections, some auxiliary items such as copper moulds, cutlery moulds, electric pressure moulds etc. are also self-made.   
益豐盛與包裝業、食品業、電子業和玩具業等等都息息相關,與各大跨國公司有箸良好的伙伴關係。 擁有高速全自動真空成型吸塑機,最大生産尺寸:32”x55”x12“(高),全自動掛勾和摺盒機。爲配合各方面需要並自産銅模、刀模、電壓模等輔助産品。